Pan Pacific RPA Test Range Complex

Battlespace a Key Member of Pan Pacific RPA Test Range Complex, Winning FAA RPA Test Site Team

Battlespace Inc., a premier Unmanned Aircraft System operations and maintenance provider, is proud to announce its selection as part of the Pan Pacific RPA Test Range Complex (Alaska, Oregon & Hawaii) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Test Site team, announced December 30, 2013. The Obama Administration tasked the FAA with promulgating regulations and guidance for the use of unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace with a rollout of regulations by 2015. The selection of six test sites nationally to support flight-testing of the new guidance has been expected. Battlespace has supported National Air Space early development in a variety of experiments and demonstrations.

Battlespace was cofounded by Jerry Norris and Robin Battaglini in 1993. "The wartime and national security aspects of unmanned aerial operations are well understood; but so far these have largely taken place in regions devoid of manned aircraft not closely controlled. Safe policies and practices are essential to having these unmanned aircraft reach their full potential commercially and in support of a wide spectrum of uses including agriculture, fishing, forestry, geology, environmental studies, surveying, and mapping" said Robin Battaglini, Chairman, Battlespace.

Providing operational services to the USAF as a majority member of Battlespace Flight Services LLC, Battlespace Inc has been associated with the MQ-9 and MQ-1 programs since 2007. But Battlespace leadership in other aspects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems development dates back to 1993.

Battlespace's broadly qualified core group of pilots, payload operators, engineers, and operations analysts provides a full range of unmanned aircraft system services to program offices throughout the Department of Defense (DoD). These include RPA turnkey services; RPA operations; program management; systems engineering analysis, requirements definition; systems design; integration engineering; modeling and prototype development; test and evaluation; integrated logistic life-cycle engineering assessments; system maintenance; and training program development for programs via offices in California, Nevada, and Virginia. In the two decades since Battlespace was founded, Battlespace has been at the heart of initiating, advocating, supporting, and executing efforts to improve the contribution of unmanned aircraft and to enhance the value of these systems across the commercial spectrum. The firm has a history of experience with RPA flight operations and maintenance to include experimentation, development and refinement of operational doctrine, and developing new tactics, techniques and procedures.

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