RPA Products & Services

Battlespace provides
  • Profound knowledge regarding every aspect of Unmanned Aircraft and their operations
  • Hands-on, experienced RPA Subject Matter Experts
  • RPA operators, maintainers, testers, trainers, planners with headquarters-level staffers, analysts and evaluators
Battlespace offers contracted technical and consulting services to
  • develop RPA network architectures
  • deliver RPA market evaluations and studies
  • determine the best match for your requirements from available systems
  • Provide financial models to aid in your decision making
  • Establish safety programs
  • Conduct mishap investigations
Battlespace has developed unique skillsets, allowing us to offer the following specific capabilities:

RPA Consulting

We will develop the complete Concept of Operations for your RPA system together with every aspect of planning necessary to conduct operations. Potential users, purchasers, and partners of the ever-widening field of Remotely Piloted Aircraft face a bewildering array of equipment, regulations, laws, and integration challenges. You can have the one of the most experienced RPA teams available on your team. Battlespace consultants have the many tools available to make your entry or upgrade in this space far more efficient and timely.

RPA users currently invest in services for many purposes worldwide. Battlespace hopes you will contact us with other purposes you are considering and planning.

Maritime Operations
  • Find illegal fishing
  • Stop human trafficking by sea
  • Monitor Territorial and Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Detect oil spills and measure spread
  • Disaster surveillance
  • Illegal fishing evidence collection
  • Smuggling
  • Detect illegal Tank and Bilge Pumping
  • Detect and monitor algae blooms
  • Marine vegetation monitoring and measurement

Inland Operations
  • Wildlife surveillance (counter-poaching)
  • Agricultural survey
  • Logistics
  • Volcano monitoring
  • Geological studies and mapping
  • Aerial photography
  • Traffic control
  • Pipeline security
  • Military surveillance
  • Mine search and detection
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Real estate
  • Wildlife migration
  • Crop dusting
  • Disaster monitoring
  • Disaster clean-up progress
  • Desertification
  • News coverage
  • Crowd surveillance
  • Power line monitoring
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Medevac surveillance
  • Forensic investigation

With such a diverse list of potential applications and with so many system choices, potential owners and user face many questions. There are considerations not obvious to most and for which answers can be hidden or difficult to find. Our worldwide team has two decades of experience in these matters, an international network of experts, and the resources to respond to your most difficult queries.

This menu summarizes some of the many specific challenges Battlespace can team with your experts to find the optimum path:

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Consulting Menu
  1. Preparing to create a Concept of Operations
    1. This task involves review of generic mission statements, capability statements and descriptions, weather and climate factors, geography, reliability, availability, and maintainability, as they relate to RPA operations
    2. This task will deliver a formal process for the customer to start analysis and preparation of their individual Concept of Operations
  2. Writing and review of a draft Concept of Operations
    1. Prepare Table of Contents/Outline of the draft Concept of Operations
    2. Define decision space of ISR factors, relating to resolution, persistence, mission length, bandwidth, etc.
    3. Prepare alternative hardware selection matrices based on customer desires. Include stop-light chart analysis of hardware choices
    4. Map environmental, geographic, mechanical, climatological and other external factors to show hardware recommendations
    5. Define operational limitations to alternative
  3. Preparing criteria for site analysis and selection
  4. Catalog potential RPA choices for consideration
  5. Catalog supporting systems choices for communications, system architecture, logistics, security, infrastructure, etc.
  6. Prepare cost/benefit analysis for each system under consideration
  7. Prepare training and qualification plan from manufacturer publications
  8. Prepare maintenance plan based on Original Equipment Manufacturer standards.
  9. Prepare logistics sustainment plan based on geographic/political area of operations and OEM recommend scheduled maintenance program.
  10. Prepare a test and evaluation plan
  11. Assist and evaluate air space management plans for unmanned air operations

Concepts of Operations and Operational Planning

We will develop the complete Concept of Operations for your RPA system together with every aspect of planning necessary to conduct operations. Battlespace developed the first Joint CONOPS for the Predator® system during its development as the first Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration program. The company wrote the Management Plan for the ACTD. Similar products have been developed under contract to support

GSA Schedule

Our GSA schedule offers the qualified customer every aspect of support necessary to operate the customer's RPA system and it is possible to be under contract quickly. Battlespace was the first firm awarded a GSA schedule for RPA Operations Support for customer-owned systems. Under this contract we can provide a full range of labor categories to include management and currently qualified operational personnel. Battlespace can:
  • Provide complete, turn-key RPA services, or
  • augment government RPA activities, or
  • provide a wide range of support services and RPA engineers to include management, operations, test development, and other services.

Operational Test & Evaluation

Battlespace is fully qualified to support your OT&E requirements. Battlespace has provided Operational Test & Evaluation support to the USAF Predator® program (RQ-1/MQ-1/MQ-9) at Creech AFB, NV since 2003. This program tests the most current Predator®-family aircraft in the USAF inventory. In addition, Battlespace has provided comprehensive test design for
  • RPA-related experiments and exercises for US Joint Forces Command
  • Proof-of concept field demonstration for MLAS (Multiple Link Antenna System) ACTD
  • TCS (Tactical Control System) test plan for Level 4/5 control of Predator®

Operations and Maintenance

Battlespace is ready now to provide RPA O&M for customer-owned systems or for contractor-provided systems. Battlespace pilots and sensor operators are experienced in a variety of RPA to include Predator®, Reaper® Pioneer and Hunter. Our team includes qualified A&P mechanics with specific system experience. We are fully capable to provide RPA O&M services to government and commercial customers.

Training and Instructional Development

Battlespace should be your first choice for development of RPA-related instruction and for the delivery of courses of instruction.
Battlespace developed and provided all operator and maintenance training for the Predator® system during the Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration. More than 250 pilots, sensor operators and maintenance personnel have received Battlespace training. Our instructional developers and training team will
  • develop RPA-related courses of instruction at fair prices, on your schedule, and with the highest degree of professionalism
  • provide classroom delivery
  • if desired, include RPA flight demonstration as an integral element of course offerings.

Turnkey RPA Operations

Battlespace can provide and operate a RPA system at your location. Battlespace offers complete, turnkey RPA system operations at any location world wide. Your needs can be met within a very short time after commitment of funds.
Our system is
  • tailored to the needs of the customer
  • affordable
  • responsive
Battlespace provides a unique menu of RPA services and products utilizing the AEROSTAR or ORBITER capabilities. This service is tailored to meet customer needs with a cost efficient contract based on a fully self-sufficient turn-key service.

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