Battlespace contracting and consulting services have supported a wide range of customers and products. These services include our:

Business Consulting Services

Battlespace offers a full range of consulting services:
  • DLA Expertise
  • Engineering Support
  • FAA Expertise
  • Industry Marketing Support
  • Life-Cycle Cost Support
  • Link-16
  • System Engineering for active array communications antenna
  • Test Development and Support
  • RPA Pilots
  • RPA Sensor Operators
  • Video development and production
  • Website Development and Maintenance

Equipment Development

Battlespace developed the Joint Mission Support Module, or JMSM, a mobile RPA mission support system for the Joint Operational Test Bed System.

Exercise and Experiment Support

Battlespace has participated in and supported following exercises and experiments:
Exercise / ExperimentHost
AUVSI Flight Demonstration DayUSN
Empire ChallengeJoint Exercise
Extended Awareness seriesUSJFCOM
Forward Look seriesUSJFCOM
ISX 1.1 Information Superiority Exercise with live-fly RPA services   US Atlantic Command
JCIDEXJoint Exercise
JTFEX seriesJoint Exercise
Millennium Challenge-02Joint Exercise
MLAS ACTD Proof of Concept Field DemonstrationNSWC Dahlgren
Roving Sands seriesJoint Exercise
Tactical Control System Developmental TestUSN

Program Support

Below is a sampling of various programs Battlespace has supported:
Distributed Mission TrainingUSAF
JOTBS Joint Operational Test Bed SystemUSJFCOM
MLAS Multiple Link Antenna SystemUSJFCOM and NSWC Dahlgren
POSSE Persistent Operations Surface Surveillance and EngagementDARPA
Predator® ACTDPEO (CU)
Predator® Operator TrainingPEO (CU)
Predator® OT&&EUSAF
TCS Tactical Control System to include development and execution of test plan for Level 4/5 Predator® controlNSWC Dahlgren

Study Development

Battlespace has developed a wide range of studies and analyses, including:
  • CEC - Integration study related to Cooperative Engagement Capability
  • CRD for Joint Interoperable RPA Systems - Capstone Requirements Document for a joint family of interoperable RPAs
  • Endurance RPAs in EFX - Recommendations for inclusion of endurance RPAs in Expeditionary Force Experiment series
  • Integration Concept for RPA, TCS, JOTBS and CEC Mobile Test Asset "Hitchhiker" - Identified operational and system interoperability capabilities associated with JOTBS and the CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capability) Mobile Test Asset (Land Adaptive Netting demonstrator)
  • Joint CONOPS - Joint Concept of Operations for RPA employment
  • JOTBS Life Cycle Technical Support Study - Identified required technical support across projected lifetime of JOTBS system
  • JOTBS Strategic Plan - Strategic vision and plan for establishing the Joint Operational Test Bed System and maturing its capabilities
  • Marketing Survey for EO/IR Airborne Systems - Assessment of market need
  • Operational Assessment of Small RPA in Littoral Battlespace - Assessment product
  • Project Robot Venture - Report to Commander, USJFCOM
  • Small RPA Study - Survey of available systems and capabilities
  • SSN-RPA - Feasibility of operating Predator® from submerged SSN, including video summary
  • Tactical Control System Concept of Operations - Concept for interoperability of RPAs operating within a joint tactical control capability
  • RPA Marinization - Feasibility of Predator® operations from CV/CVN
  • RPA Market Survey - Precursor to Predator® ACTD

Strategic Plan Development

Some examples of strategic plans developed by Battlespace:
Strategic PlanProgram / Customer
Functional ConceptJOTBS/USJFCOM
Interoperable RPA Strategic PlanJOTBS/USJFCOM
JFCOM Unmanned Systems Integration and Interoperability (JUSII) Strategic Plan   USJFCOM
Capstone Requirements Document (CRD) for Joint Interoperable RPA SystemsUSJFCOM
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